Who We Are

The Boulder Library Champions are a group of local Boulder residents who love our Boulder Public Library and want to help it thrive and grow. We are working hard to secure sustainable funding to ensure that our library will continue to thrive for many years to come. Our leadership includes:

Joni Teter is a former Boulder Library Commissioner, lifelong library nerd, sustainability professional, and community activist.

"Libraries are an essential piece of the “people” part of sustainability -- We need to keep our library strong for future generations."

Juana Gomez Headshot

Juana Gomez is a current Boulder Library Commissioner, architect, and member of the Boulder community. Juana supports the library because...

"Our public libraries are the foundation of our community. Let's help them thrive for the coming generations."

DIck Shahan Headshot

Dick Shahan is a former employee of Boulder Public Library and a member of the Boulder community. He is supporting the library because...

"Boulder Public Library has proven itself to be an essential, successful, and vibrant repository of materials, a source of popular programs, and a vital community center."

Marsha Caplan Headshot

Marsha Caplan is a Boulder resident and the former Executive Director of Voices for Children CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). And she is supporting the library because...

"Our Boulder library is fabulous and is the first place our grandkids want to go when they come to visit. Let’s make sure it stays that way with adequate and sustainable funding."

Andy Sayler Headshot

Andy Sayler is a Boulder resident and community activist (as well as this site's webmaster). He is supporting the library because...

"The library is the scaffolding that supports the community. It is an equalizer and a key resource to all members of the community. The stronger our library, the stronger our community."

Ali Dejohn Headshot

Ali Dejohn is a Boulder library patron and local business owner. She supports the library because...

"When I walk into our beautiful public library, I am filled with inspiration, curiosity and endless possibility of what I can learn and how I can grow ~ for FREE. The library is an invaluable resource and gem to every single person who walks through the doors."


There are many other Boulder Library Champions as well! See our list of Supporters for more information.