We did it!

We did it! With 97% of Boulder County ballots counted, Measure 6C to create and fund a Boulder Public Library District is passing with nearly 53% of the vote.

Though the margin is small, this is a big win. With a wonky topic, required TABOR language, and the only organized opposition amongst a half-dozen local tax measures, the outcome could have been different. And early supporters worked for years to even bring this measure to the ballot.

Libraries are uniquely vulnerable in our community - it's why they struggled with underfunding for more than 20 years. But we learned that when we build coalitions and reach beyond traditional power bases, we can win. When we lead with facts, we can win. And when we lean into the very best of our values - equity, education, and community - we can win.

Our core team of Library Champions couldn't have done it without support, and we're grateful to everyone who helped along the way. From petition signers to letter-writers, donors to lit-droppers, and everyone else who took the time to learn about our libraries' needs - you are part of the story! Thank you for voting your values and sharing them in the community!

What's next for our libraries? After the vote count is completed and certified, City Council and Boulder County Commissioners will appoint trustees, who in turn will negotiate an Intergovernmental Agreement that outlines the transition from City to Library District operations.

Now that the voting is over, we expect our elected leaders to appoint trustees with the skills and vision to help the new district succeed. We know that our community is united in wanting our libraries to thrive, however they are funded and governed.

Thank you again for support, and we hope you, like us, are inspired by what our community can do together!

Claudia Hanson Thiem and your Boulder Library Champions