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Thank you to all of our supporters, especially the Boulder Library Foundation for its generous contribution to this campaign and for its role as champion and supporter of our library for over 45 years.

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Recent endorsers include:

  • Brandy LeMae
  • Susan Albers
  • John Waugh
  • Amanda Brown
  • Jenny Slade
  • Ellen Allen
  • Carolyn Kerchof
  • Laney Jones
  • Nikoletta Friedberg
  • Allison Churnside
  • Laura Osborn
  • Andrea Steffes-Tuttle
  • Sanjoy Roy
  • Mary McCafferty
  • Kati Sainz
  • Lesley Blaser
  • Maura Dudley
  • Alycia Murray
  • Beverly Alexander
  • Tamara Lackey
  • Jasmine Munro
  • Scott Sewell
  • Howard Christensen
  • Bruce Norikane
  • Henry Koren

A full list of our 107 supporters is available in our directory.

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