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Thank you to all of our supporters, especially the Boulder Library Foundation for its generous contribution to this campaign and for its role as champion and supporter of our library for over 45 years.

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Recent endorsers include:

  • Geoff Cahoon
  • Debbie Macleod
  • Laurie Kay Bialick
  • Lois Cheryl Runyon
  • Kathleen Perkins
  • Naomi Weinstock
  • Lonna Vandervor
  • Penny Dumas
  • Mary Beth Downing
  • Betty Baal
  • Doris Turner
  • Bridget Monahan
  • Steven Frost
  • Susan Elling
  • Jeff Kagan
  • Suraj Dinghra
  • Sanjoy Roy
  • William Kellogg
  • Julia Emery
  • Shawn West
  • Leonard Sitongia
  • Leigh Charley
  • Deborah Fowler
  • Gene Hayworth
  • Jim Turley

A full list of our 61 supporters is available in our directory.

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