Our Endorsers

Thank you to all of our endorsers and supporters, especially the Boulder Library Foundation for its generous contribution to this campaign and for its role as champion and supporter of our library for nearly 50 years.

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Recent endorsers include:

  • Rosa Lawrence
  • Cathy Smith
  • Y.D. Lefevre
  • Kathleen Martindale
  • Mary E. Sweeney
  • Paul Rastrelli
  • Jean Dubofsky
  • Melissa Martin
  • Janet Maurice
  • Stacee McGovern
  • Don Ryan
  • Mike Merideth
  • Andrew Rzeszotarski
  • Frank Crisbens
  • Kiya Luth
  • David Van Noord
  • Vicki Criss
  • Joyce Fralley
  • Kat Hodges
  • Debra Ritzwoller
  • Marcia (Miki) Magyar
  • Sunda Friedman Tebockhurst
  • Annie Woodward
  • Jan Rasmussen
  • Chandra Valenza

A full list of our 164 endorsers is available in our directory.

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