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Thank you to all of our endorsers, supporters, and donors, especially the Boulder Library Foundation for its generous contribution to this campaign and for its role as champion and supporter of our library for nearly 50 years. You can endorse here, or you can also help by donating or volunteering to help us keep the campaign running!

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Advocacy Groups

Boulder Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Boulder Progressives

ELPASO (Engaged Latino Parents Advancing Student Outcomes)

NAACP Boulder County

Progressive Democrats of America

Current and Former Elected Officials

Steve Fenberg, Colorado Senate President

Judy Amabile, State Representative, House District 13

Edie Hooton, State Representative, House District 10

Aaron Brockett, Mayor, City of Boulder

Matt Benjamin, Boulder City Council

Lauren Folkerts, Boulder City Council

Rachel Friend, Boulder City Council

Junie Joseph, Boulder City Council

Dr. Nicole Speer, Boulder City Council

Ashley Stolzmann, Mayor, City of Louisville and Candidate for Boulder County Commissioner

Richard Garcia, BVSD Board of Education

Beth Niznik, BVSD Board of Education

Nicole Rajpal, BVSD Board of Education

Kitty Sargent, BVSD Board of Education

Lisa Sweeney-Miran, Vice President, BVSD Board of Education

Stacey Zis, BVSD Board of Education

Elise Jones, Former Boulder County Commissioner

Dorothy Rupert, Former State Senator

Ruth Wright, Former State Representative

Jean Dubofsky, Former Colorado Supreme Court Justice

Dan Corson, Former City Councilmember

Jill Grano, Former City Councilmember

Tim Plass, Former City Councilmember

Laurie Albright, Former President, BVSD Board of Education

Sam Fuqua, Former President, BVSD Board of Education

Community Leaders

Benita Duran, Former City Council Candidate

Dan Williams, Former City Council Candidate

Ed Byrne, Former City Council Candidate

Elaina Shively, Former Candidate for Boulder County Commissioner

Eric Budd, Community Activist

Janet Martin, Founder, Communication Arts

Jeff and Paige, Musicians

Jennifer Livovich, Executive Director, Feet Foward

John Powers, Founder and Board Member, The Alliance Center

Liz Abbott, Former Director, Boulder Public Library

Marki LeCompte, Save South Boulder Co-Chair

Ning Mosberger-Tang, Community Activist

Paul Cure, Former City Council Candidate

Regina Cowles, Community Activist

Sina Simantob, Business Leader

Tim O’Shea, Business Leader

Waylon Lewis, Founder, Elephant Journal

Businesses and Non-profits

Bridge House

Caddis Collaborative


Elephant Journal

Elevated Adolescence

Helmet Flair


Jaipur Literature Festival, Colorado


The Makerie

Mundo Media

Open Source Hardware Association

Shambhala Publications

Sinco International Investments

SparkFun Electronics

Urban Farms

Waxing the City

Y Rosie Fivian Architect

Community Members

608 supporters
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