I’m a business owner. Is the proposed tax too high for business?


We understand the great burden placed on small business owners, and that's why the library has so many small business resources to make owning and operating a business easier.

In 2020, the Gallagher amendment was repealed, which will lead to a greater level of predictability in terms of the taxes business owners who own their property would pay, and ultimately will decrease the amount of taxes paid by businesses over time.

The Library Champions have suggested that the library district provide a rebate program for small business property owners in the intervening period, as well as some business-focused benefits (such as a business helpdesk, for instance), that would help offset the increase for small, local businesses in the district area.

Having more libraries — and greater access to libraries — leads to a more educated workforce in the community, which is good for business. And it's why Boulder Public Library already currently provides essential workforce development, such as job coaching, including real-time interview practice, full-service resume review, skills building and a writing lab. It also provides tech training resources like computer skills and email basics. And BLDG 61, the library's makerspace, has seen over 75 small businesses launched, including 12 patent applications. BLDG 61 is an incubator for small business. It provides free access to high tech tools like 3D printers, looms, woodworking equipment, laser cutters, a CNC router, and electronics. Through Boulder Reads, adult learners can get GEDs to go and work for small businesses, and the nationally recognized Small Business Development Center is located right at the library.

An educated workforce helps a business's bottom line, and the long term benefits of a library greatly outweigh the short term costs. It's a good investment to make for the community.