Let's vote to secure funding for our library!

We are gathering signatures to let our community vote on sustainable funding for our library.

The petition we are circulating will allow our community to create and fund a library district - an equitable, accountable and sustainable way to operate our library and ensure that it has adequate funding.  You can learn more about library districts and our library's funding needs on our Why page.

The petition reads:

A petition to allow the voters to determine whether to organize a public library district and impose an ad valorem property tax not to exceed 4 mills for expansion of library services, maintenance and operations of library facilities, and opening new branch libraries within the areas shown on this map.

Colorado law allow citizens to petition to vote on how to fund our library. By signing this petition you will help to ensure our community can vote on the formation of a library district on November. 5th.

Want to help us gather signatures?

Will you ask your friends and neighbors to sign a petition?

We are also recruiting volunteers to circulate petitions in front of Main and the Reynolds, Meadows and NoBo branches on Saturday mornings, Sundays, Monday mornings and Friday mornings.

If sign up on our volunteer page, a member of the campaign team will contact you with more information.

Want to sign a petition?

Contact us at info@boulderlibrarychampions.org and we will connect you with a petition signature collector!

Thank you for supporting our library!