Another step closer to the ballot

After a 6-plus-hour City Council/County Commission hearing where public support to create a library district outnumbered opposition by a margin of 2-to-1, we’ve taken another big step toward this fall’s ballot. 

By a vote of 6-3, Council passed a resolution that removed Jamestown from the proposed district boundaries, set the ceiling for the district’s proposed property tax at 3.8 mills, and unanimously approved an amendment to ensure library district trustees are selected and appointed by city council/county commission. 

County commissioners will take up the resolution on Thursday. 

Before then (because they aren’t taking public comment during that meeting): They need to hear from you — particularly if you live in unincorporated Boulder County or Niwot.

Encourage commissioners to vote “yes” on a resolution to create a library district.

Earlier this week, Commissioner Matt Jones said “the emails are coming in about two-to-one against.” We know that support is much greater. Help us show it! 

The city resolution was supported by council members Matt Benjamin, Aaron Brockett, Lauren Folkerts, Rachel Friend Junie Joseph, and Nichole Speer. Council members don’t get a lot of appreciation for what they do, so please send these folks a big “thank you” if you can.  Each of them showed great leadership last night.

In their deliberations, council members acknowledged that the 3.8 mills could be reduced to a level that raises $19.5 million once the final district boundaries are known. They said they would defer to county commissioners on whether Niwot should be included, but were inclined to keep areas impacted by the Marshall Fire in the proposed district given this is intended to be a long-term funding source for our libraries. Several council members also voiced support for coming up with ways to limit property-tax impacts on businesses, seniors, and people on fixed incomes.

We’re pleased with Tuesday’s outcome (really, Wednesday’s outcome), but our work is not done.

The easiest and best path to creating a library district and asking voters to provide stable funding for our libraries is through this joint city/county hearing process. Please continue helping us champion the cause until that becomes a reality by writing to the the County Commission today. If you've already done that, you can help by endorsing, donating, or helping to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Thank you all for your steadfast support of our library!